Heart's in the Highlands Vintage 2022
  • Heart's in the Highlands Vintage 2022

Heart's in the Highlands Vintage 2022

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My Heart’s In The Highlands Vintage 2022 – 21,9% Single Malt Peated Ale (Bourbon BA)


Our (Estonian) strongest naturally fermented beer new Vintage is ready. Brewed with peated whisky malts and aged in Bourbon barrels.

Since making such a strong beer requires an insane amount of time, materials and tears, the end result can vary considerably from batch to batch. We decided to add Vintage years to each new batch so you can make difference between them.

Cloudy amber coloured beer, allmost no head. First aroma is warming and smoked, some vanilla sweetness. Wouldn’t say it’s a beer only from aroma.

First taste is intensive malty, sweet, butterscotch - but strong, robust, edgy booze kicks in right away. It might scare away some people. Lots of nuts, dried dates, yellow plum in middle taste. Dry, oaky barrel notes in aftertaste. Smooth and soft warming alcohol and malty smokiness in finish.

This beer is extremely freaky, something between peated whisky and strong beers. Food pairing would be too much for this, but we still recommend some nice olives or capres with it.

We recommend to drink it from snifter type beer glass or brandy glass, served on atleast 7-8C degrees. On colder temperatures it would be just boozy in taste, but after warming up lots of new layers and tastes come up.

We also recommend to put few bottles to cellar. There is lots of ageing potential here. We believe that this beer never goes bad, but only improves in time.


Data sheet

ABV range
20% - 30%
Beer style
Single malt peated ale aged in Bourbon barrels
Bottle size
33 cl