Cantognake Buffalo Trace BA
  • Cantognake Buffalo Trace BA

Cantognake Buffalo Trace BA

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The color of the beer is carbon black. Little beige foam doesn’t last long.

The first aroma - like falling into a freshly emptied bourbon barrel itself. Vanilla, warm alcohol, lots of oak. Sweeter nutty and raisin notes in the background. Chocolate on warmer temperatures.

The first taste is liquorice, oak, raisins with vanilla. Of course, you can feel the alcohol, but the sweet taste of the beer helps to balance it. Aftertaste slightly spicy, cocoa and vanilla beans.

It is a very full-bodied beer, if it can be called a beer at all. We recommend to rather enjoy this drink as liqueur, served from a cognac glass and certainly not at too cold a temperature.

No food recommendation for this big boy, but few chocolate truffles after heavy dinner work just perfectly.



Data sheet

ABV range
20% - 30%
Beer style
Imperial Stout BBA
Bottle size