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Continuously hopped Triple IPA.


Hellhound, with its three heads, looks at the same time to the past, present, and future. This beer is blending together everything that has been, that is now, and that is about to be.

"Hellhound" is triple IPA, flooded with hops. During three-hour boil we added hops 3 x 3 x 3 times. It's dry-hopped with 3 x 3 times. In the end, we got 3x IPA that is brim-full of vibrant hops.

Experience: "Hellhound" is different triple IPA. Instead of pushing modern super-fruity hops, one of his head is looking back to the past. When IPAs were bitter. During a long boil, we continuously hopped this beer with an excessive amount of hops. And the result is right here. Actually not, the sip of this beer, supersaturated with hops, starts slow and safe like the tsunami in the far horizon.

Powerful, dank hops are dominating the aroma, leaving malts, caramelized from the long boil so far behind that they are rarely visible. Exceptional strength is not apparent behind the wall of hops, but they are not hidden, but rather amplify the experience. 

Bittersweet middle experience quickly scares away malty sweetness and replaces it with bitterness. Rowan berries and wild apples. Are we done now? No, mountains of hops added to the boil will rush to the game like a tsunami to the shore. Bitterness will grab your tongue with an iron grip and twist it mercilessly. You can not deny some sweet delight in this hoppy pain. Are you brave enough to take another sip?


Data sheet

ABV range
9% - 12%
Beer style
Triple IPA
Bottle size
33 cl