Ööloom Bourbon BA
  • Ööloom Bourbon BA

Ööloom Bourbon BA

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Braggot is a hybrid style of beer and mead. Nöösker knows how to make a perfect mead, we can make a beer quite well (we think atleast). We put our heads together and Ööloom (Nocturnal Animal) was born. Aged in Bourbon barrels.

The color of the drink is midnight black, the little beige head doesn’t last very long.

Already from the aroma, you can sense that this is not something usual. The aroma is sour coffee, blackcurrant jam, mixed with dark toffee.

The taste is very multi-layered. At first glance, you can feel rather fruity and sour berry flavors. The more you sip, the more toffee, dark chocolate, darker sweet berries are added. In aftertaste, very honeyed notes come to the fore, remaining for a long time as a warming sweet taste.

The Ööloom is one dangerously good creature that we recommend trying with a slow-cooked honey-marinade meat dishes. But it is definitely worth trying with honey cake and roasted nuts with honey aswell.

Ideal serving temperature 10°C


Data sheet

ABV range
12% - 15%
Beer style
Braggot Imerial Stout
Bottle size
33 cl